The Invisible Theatre was a photo exhibition at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj in January 2012. The still photographs and photo animations show those moments in the life of the theatre which are usually hidden from the audience: the build up and tear down of the play sets. 

Excerpt from the Hungarian Theatre's press release:

"The audience never meets the main characters in the photos: they are called technicians in the theatre, but I call them angels – there’s no theatre without them”, said András Visky. He added that it's worthwhile following their work through the eye of a photographer who notices the same things a spectator would notice in this process.

The scenes in the photos might seem absurd or choreographed to an outsider, but their importance arises from the fact that they represent pure theatre just as the performances do. “The photos record astonishing theatrical moments”, observed András Visky. Nelson Fitch captured the set up and tear down of the sets of four performances: Ubu the King (d. Alain Timar), Celebration (d. Robert Woodruff), Leonce and Lena (d. Gábor Tompa) and Uncle Vanya (d. Andrei Șerban).

Nelson Fitch came to Cluj to participate in the activities of the People’s School of Contemporary Art. “He approached the subject with an observant, reserved, but at the same time, gentle attitude”, commented András Visky, according to whom the exhibition teaches us to consider theatre as a whole, every aspect of it having the same significance. “Sometimes we forget that we depend on each other – but this dependency is one aspect of freedom”, he said."

After the exhibition, the prints were given to the technicians who participated. 

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